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Everett Adams moved from being associated with Harrah's automobiles and the Tahoe Miss racing team to starting Adams Custom Engines, Inc. in 1965 by building Allison engines. Although he has experience with Ferrari's, turbos, etc., his expertise and enjoyment remains with the restoration of automotive beauties that need loving attention. For further information on his 55 years of extensive knowledge and history within the automotive/boat/airplane fields, see reprint of article in Reno Gazette-Journal 12/01.

Rob Coad is our General Manager.  He stopped counting certificates after receiving his ASE Master Auto Tech. "I've collected quite a few of them after being in this profession  40 plus years." Rob describes himself as a jack-of-all trades, having experience with diesels, hydrostatics, hydraulics, etc. "Basically, everything I've worked on has been fun." Speaking of fun, he has a 66' El Camino with a 327 engine, blower, and other modifications. Anything else? "Yeah, it goes fast, really fast." Any advice for other car owners? "When you hear any strange noise, check it out. Doing this can save time and money."

Lisa Kelly is our Office Manager, she brings more than 20 years of diverse accounting know-how and organizational skills.  "Still, my focus," she says, "is providing the best possible customer service experience with a can-do attitude."  Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, attending sporting events, traveling and spending time with friends.

Galen Judisch is the Shop Foreman and part of our master technicians.  For him, the enjoyment of working on cars started in his teen years and has never left.  There were a few detours, like some years in the aerospace industry, but even then he used his machinist skills in creating complicated parts.  He brings years of recent automotive experience and continues to also use his skills on personal projects.  Galen is a perfectionist as shown by his own 100 point 1969 GTO Judge, a ten year project.  "It just wasn't finished," said Galen, "until it was perfect."  This is the same attitude he brings to our client's cars.  "Of course," he said with a smile, "the jobs are completed in a much shorter time."

Rick Smith brings years of experience in total metal fabrication of aluminum, steel, and stainless to our team.  Along with those years come enough stories to fill his own website.  How about hand building 1928-31 Model A’s?  Or designing and creating a structural item for ’32 Roadsters?  Then there is the full restoration of a WWII P51 Mustang.  When asked what he does for enjoyment, “it’s working on my ten or eleven antique cars,” which doesn’t leave much time for his two fire trucks.  Coming to Adams Custom Engines, Inc., is “getting to do what I love to do.”  Any advice for our clients?  Here he draws on lifetime experience.  “When you are at a car show, looking to buy one, check underneath.  Open doors.  Look, look it over very carefully!  Then,” he says, “bring it to us and we’ll help you know what you have and if there can be any improvements.”

Gualberto Rodarte-Flores brings over 23 years of experience to our team. This Master Painter is passionate about the quality of his finished project. "Years ago I chose this profession because, I felt a love for taking something old or abused and helping restore it, once again, to its original beauty". Gualberto has lived in Reno for 35 years and, being a family man, has a wife, two daughters, and a son. When it comes to paint, he has this advice: "Keep your car waxed. Apply it in the spring and again in the fall. This protection is important".

Nicholas Hinzman graduated from UTI in 2011 and is certified as a specialist in Ford FACT, along with added experience with hi-paced dealerships.  This is after growing up and learning from his father who is an automotive, diesel, and airplane mechanic.  But don’t leave out his mother who received, for Christmas, their Suburban with a new 383 stroker. “Mom loves extra power and thump” said Nicholas, “she was very pleased”.  On days off, he can be found at autocross races, drag strips, or working on the family airplane.  Any advice for our customers?  “Yes, get second opinions and ask a lot of questions.  I found this shop,” continued Nicholas, “to be the most brutally honest shop I have ever worked with.  You may not like what you hear, but it’s the truth.  This shop is also one of the most customer sensitive places where it is really about the customer, not the dollar.”

Richard Mork is considered to be the person 'on call' around the shop. He fills in when extra hands are needed and whenever overflow jobs require any of his many abilities. Richard brings to the team a high standard of paying attention to detail and always has a "can do" attitude. His shop experience and knowledge has accelerated since joining Adams Custom Engines.

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