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     Adams Custom Engines, Inc. started on North Street in 1965 and has been located in the Reno/Sparks area for the last fifty years. Although we may be the "best kept secret", those who do know about us consider our shop to be among the best in the world. These clients range from movie stars and celebrities to people who, since high school, have dreamed of owning that special car.

     But not all of our work is specialty, as we also do maintenance and repair for our local and daily walk-in customers. On the shop's modern side we cover diagnostic services, carburetor tuning, oil changes, engine rebuilding, transmission service, and much more. Along side is our top-quality body and paint shop. Since customer service is always a consideration, our labor costs are competitive and emergency requests are given a priority.

     Over on the antique side we get few emergency requests since most of this work has been planned by the customer, sometimes for years. These inquiries fall into various categories. One may be that of a complete restoration which requires taking an automobile of any make or year and bringing it up to (and sometimes beyond) the owners' expectations. Another customer may need a second gear for their '37 Plymouth or while another one may want a door for their Deusenberg. How about special work on that Ferrari?

     "A special project that brought satisfaction," says Everett Adams, "is the 1911 Renault that we built for 20th Century Fox's Titanic movie. We started from scratch and created this car in 60 days."

     Having been in business these many years allows Adams Custom Engines access to parts and repairs that may not be accessible to other shops. We are known for being able to locate or make in the machine shop almost anything to do with automobiles. The only exception is when it comes to chrome and upholstery. We send that out to long-time specialists.

         At Adams Custom Engines, it's always a pleasure to be of service to anyone who requires assistance with their automotive needs.

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